Melvin Living with Crohn's disease

Melvin, Living with Crohn's disease

I was in college when I experienced my first symptom of Crohn's disease. I can remember feeling sharp pains in my stomach and remember using the bathroom more frequently than I used to. As a college student, my biggest priority was making friends and having a good time, and because the pain wasn't constant, I didn't think it was necessary to see a doctor. I went through my entire college career undiagnosed and continued to deal with the occasional symptoms.

By the time I was 25 years old, my symptoms had progressed so greatly that I lost a significant amount of weight. As a naturally big guy, I knew something was wrong when I dropped nearly 80 pounds in a few short months. I decided to seek medical attention and made an appointment with my primary physician, who recommended I see a gastroenterologist. My gastroenterologist performed a colonoscopy and confirmed that I was suffering from Crohn's disease.

While my symptoms were unbearable at times, I tried to not let them stop me from doing the activities I enjoy, such as playing basketball. Eventually, I had to get serious about my disease when I found myself hospitalized on three separate occasions. It was after my third stint in the hospital that I decided to make what I call my "big boy decision" and try a new treatment my gastroenterologist recommended.

I am so grateful that I made that decision because I have found a treatment that works for me. Whenever I meet someone struggling with Crohn's disease, I encourage them to work with their doctor to find a treatment that works for them. I hope to continue acting as a trailblazer for those suffering from Crohn's disease.

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